Film Licenses (K-12 Schools; Colleges & Universities; Public Libraries – The Representation Project

Film Licenses (K-12 Schools; Colleges & Universities; Public Libraries)

Educators must purchase a license to use our films outside of a private home. Schools, colleges and universities may not legally show the films using the consumer version from physical media (DVD) or digital media (streaming, subscription services).

Educational licenses are available for K-12 schools, public libraries, and colleges & universities for classroom/group use. Note: for individual patron/student use (higher education and public libraries, please obtain a streaming license through our partner Kanopy).

With an educational license, you can:

  • Host a Screening (Whole School Licenses only): A whole school license provides the rights to screen the film on your campus and use the Miss RepresentationThe Mask You Live In and/or The Great American Lie curriculum in all classrooms in a school
  • Teach Social Emotional Learning and help students learn about healthy masculinity with The Mask You Live In curriculum
  • Teach Media Literacy and help students learn about healthy body image with the Miss Representation curriculum
  • Explore the Gendered Causes of Economic Inequality and Social Immobility in the United States with The Great American Lie curriculum  
  • Stream on Your Network: Order the rights to place the film on your secure server