Corporate Licenses – The Representation Project

Corporate Licenses

$ 995.00

Bring our films to your company for employee training on gender representation; diversity, inclusion, and belonging; masculinity; and corporate social impact.

Choose from:

Miss Representation

The Mask You Live In

The Great American Lie


  • License for one company-wide screening with all audience members present in the same location; no simultaneous streaming to remote locations allowed (A Public Performance Screening license is required by law for any viewing outside of a private home)
  • Time-limited Vimeo streaming link—No physical media included. Backup media may be used for one time screenings at the customer's expense
  • Corporate Screening Guide (PDF file), upon request only
  • Introductory video from filmmaker Jennifer Siebel Newsom (Vimeo Link) for Miss Representation and The Mask You Live In, upon request only

Date of Screening

Screening Venue Address